VNA Health Care

  • Posted: 01/01/15
  •  Woman’s slippers, (size medium) or no-skid bootie socks (men’s or women’s)
  •  Men’s PJs, (size small or medium)
  •  Men’s button down sweaters (size medium)
  •   Jewel, K-Mart or Target gift cards
  •  Woman’s bed jackets, (size medium)
  •  Large print books, (adventure, mystery, popular fiction)
  •  Magnifying glass
  •  Large print playing cards
  •  Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, special Coffees
  •  Subscriptions to Popular magazines such as Highlights, Discovery & National Geographic for Children, People, Ladies Home Journal, Reminisce or Sports/Health magazines
  •  Magazine racks
  •  Holiday volunteers to deliver meals, work  the giving tree, wrap gifts at Barnes & Noble.
  •  Winter coats, hats, mittens (for newborn - 4 years old)
  •  8 ½ x 11 frames for graduation certificates
  •  Picture frames (4 x 6), Small photo albums
  •  Hospital gowns
  •  Disposable underpads and Adult diapers
  •  Quilted cloth underpads
  •  Sheets for hospital bed, Small pillows
  •  Heel protectors
  •  Personal care items: soap, shampoo, lotion, shaving cream

Baby items (new only please):

  •  Diapers – (Sizes newborn to 4), Wipes
  •  Car seats for infants or toddlers
  •  Boppy pillows (or other breastfeeding support pillow), Slings or other baby carriers
  •  Teething rings, Formula
  •  Breast pumps
  •  Toys and Activities for Home Visits (for children under 3 years old)
  •  Activity mats and Walker toys
  •  Shape sorters
  •  Puzzles, Blocks, Bubbles
  •  Board books, Balls
  •  Large crayons and other simple art materials for toddlers
  •  Exersaucers
  •  Children’s Books

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