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Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture

The list is dizzying.  The number, range and depth of arts organizations which perform and/or are based in Elgin put any other suburb to shame and proves Elgin’s new slogan: “The City in the Suburbs.”
Elgin offers a wide variety of museums, performance halls, and festivals. It is "home" to the second largest orchestra in Illinois, the ElginSymphony Orchestra. In addition, Elgin has its own opera, two professional adult choral groups, professional dance groups, and numerous theatre companies.  For children, Elgin offers the Elgin Children's Chorus, which has performed internationally, and the Elgin Youth Symphony as well as many youth theatre groups.

2017 Elgin Chamber Member Tile

Elgin is also known for its historic architecture and landmarks from the Victorian era. The Gifford Park Association annual house tour will not disappoint those interested in viewing the interiors and exteriors of homes in Elgin. Or, enjoy a little game of I Spy Downtown Elgin Architectural Hunt by downloading the map and clues.

The strong base of arts organizations and individual artists that we have in Elgin truly sets us apart from our neighbors.  Elgin is now becoming a destination for the arts.

Artspace Inc., a Minneapolis-based non-profit organization, has chosen to adapt the old Swan Department Store and transform it into a low-cost artists’ facility in Elgin. The Elgin Artspace Lofts will transform an historic Sears and Roebuck store in downtown Elgin into an arts facility that includes 55 units of affordable live/work space for artists and their families, plus 6,000 square feet of retail and community space for arts-friendly businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Elgin’s strong arts presence also helps attract new companies to the city because most companies aren’t just looking for a building to rent. They are also looking for a community with a good quality of life for their employees.

The Elgin Symphony Orchestra’s leadership maintains a close relationship with the German and French Consul-Generals in Chicago because much of the music the symphony plays was written by German and French composers.  More recently, they initiated a similar relationship with the Mexican Consul-General because of Elgin’s large Hispanic community and because they are performing more music by Latin composers. Symphony leaders hope that these close relationships with foreign consulates will also please the many international corporations which have a presence in Elgin and make their executives feel welcome.

We know that the arts in Elgin will continue to grow stronger, attracting more and more professionals and admirers.

Please take a moment to enjoy a sampling of arts available in Elgin by visiting the Art & Culture Links listed to the right.