Save Your Sanity: Organize!

  • December 29, 2011
  • Ocean Agency

How many times a week do you look for something you filed or piled? Lack of organization can mean extra time, aggravation, and money. In fact, organization is an office skill that all business owners and managers should master.

Organizing files, either on your computer or in file folders, can be a difficult task. If you’ve ever caught yourself exclaiming “I don’t even know how to organize all this stuff!” then these tips are for you.

1. Ask yourself what you should keep. Not sure? The IRS has written a recordkeepingguide for businesses.

2. Decide to digitize. Paper can take up a lot of space. Consider scanning documents to keep and organizing them on a computer. You will also want to purchase a backup drive. Backing up documents should be done often and the drive should be kept in a separate, safe location. Many different models of scanners are available and some copy machines are also scanners.

3. Go with your first instinct. There’s no need to create complicated file names using overly-technical language. If your first instinct is to file something under a generic term, then do that. Creating unnatural categories will only ensure you will have difficulty finding your file later.

For more information, read about Records Management from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Post submitted by Featured EAC Member Blogger Melissa Ziel of Gail Borden Public Library